How to Install ES File Explorer on Firestick

ES File Explorer on Firestick: When it comes to side loading applications in Firestick, Downloader is the name that first appears in our minds. Downloader is one of the most used application installers for Firestick and Fire TV platforms. But, we all cannot get this application because it is geographically limited to certain countries, such as the United States. I also noticed that Downloaders are sometimes derived from Amazon Store.

When the Downloader application in Firestick is not an option for you, ES File Explorer on Firestick is the best alternative to consider. In fact, even if you can get a downloader, I still highly recommend ES File Explorer to you. This application is not just an application-installer, but more than that. The ES File Explorer application is probably the most popular file manager application in the whole world.ES File Explorer on Firestick

ES File Explorer on the Amazon Firestick device lets you quickly download and install the APK via the source URL. It also lets you explore and manage your files and folders. In fact, this application also helps you access your Firestick storage from other devices, such as computers, on the same Wi-Fi network.

In this guide, we learn how to install ES File Explorer on Firestick and how to use it to load applications on Fire Tv devices.

How to Install ES File Explorer on Firestick

ES File Explorer is part of the Amazon Store application library. You can install it easily in a few quick steps. Here’s how to install it:

  • Make sure you are on the FireStick home screen. If not, close any application and repeatedly press the back button on your remote until you are there.
  • Use the left direction button on your remote control to select the lens icon in the upper left corner of the Firestick home screen. You will see the window as you see in the image below.
  • Use your remote control and type the File Explorer ES File (without quotes) with the help of the keypad on the screen. After typing the first few letters, you will see ES File Explorer in the search results. Highlight and then press the select button on your remote to open it.
  • You can use the Fire Tv Remote application to type easily. This application on your mobile functions as a remote. You can read our guide on How to Get Amazon Fire TV Remote Applications.
  • Now, please and click the ‘ES File Explorer’ icon on the next screen.
  • Now click the yellow download button on the screen to download and install ES File Explorer in Kodi.

It takes about one or two minutes to install this application. Once installed, the ‘Open’ button will appear on the screen. Click the Open button to launch the ES File Explorer immediately.

How to Use ES File Explorer on Firestick

Now that you have installed the ES File Explorer application, let me show you how you can load any application on Firestick from an online source.

Please note that you will need a direct link to the APK file so that this method works. This will not work with the web page containing the download link. But it’s okay. On our website, we will always share the path directly to the APK.

So, this is how:

  • Launch ES File Explorer and you must see this default screen.
  • Scroll down and click ‘Tools’ on the left to expand it. Now, click the ‘Download Manager’ option from the list of options in ‘Tools’.
  • As you can see, there are four options at the bottom of the screen on the right. Click ‘New +’ in the bottom bar.
  • Now you will see the ‘Download’ dialog box. In the ‘Path’ field, enter the direct link to the APK file stored on any server.
  • In the Name field, enter the desired name that you want to give to this source. But, make it relevant. For example, if I download Kodi Krypton, I will name it like that.
  • After you add the source and enter a name, click the ‘Download Now’ button and follow the instructions on the screen to install the APK file.
  • Depending on the size of the APK that you downloaded, it might take several to several minutes. After the application is installed, you will see a Installed Install Application ‘notification along with two’ Open ‘and’ Finish ‘buttons.
  • Click ‘Open’ to open ES Explorer immediately or click Finish ‘to return to the home screen and open the application later.

Every FireStick user must have an ES File Explorer, regardless of whether they intend to load any APK side. ES Explorer is not just an APK installer, it is a versatile tool that mainly functions as a file manager. I use this application on my FireStick and smartphone. The installation steps that I described above are rather easy. However, if you experience a problem, please write your question in the comments column.

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