How to Reset Your Amazon Firestick

While Amazon firestick and fire TV sticks sometimes run smoothly, sometimes they have a fast kick on the reset button. this can be the way to return your fire TV to a new state at the factory.

How to reset Firestick

Why Your Reset Firestick?

When it comes to devices with embedded operating systems, sometimes there are only errors on the machine that you can’t explain, and Amazon’s Fire TV channels are no exception. Maybe certain buttons on the remote control don’t work properly. Maybe he refused to recognize your Wi-Fi network (not because we wrote this guide as a result of that or anything). Maybe even if you enter your Amazon Prime credentials a dozen times in a row, it just won’t call home and load your extensive Prime library.

Although we do not encourage people to take the scorched Earth approach to repair their gadgets, unfortunately that is sometimes the only working solution. Whatever your ghost-in-the-machine error, there is a very good possibility that factory reset is the key to eradicating it.

The price for rearranging your Fire TV device back to a showroom-fresh state is that you have to go through and change all your settings as if you have just connected the device for the first time: Wi-Fi credentials, Amazon credentials, Amazon credentials, any adjustments You have made it, and so on. Next, you have to download all the content again such as applications and stored media.

If you’re not put off by the hassle and you’re ready to smell the new car, let’s reset your Fire TV.

How to Reset your Firestick

First, let’s step aside. Even though we opened this tutorial with a joke about giving your Fire TV a quick kick on the reset button, we actually couldn’t suggest that action. Are we saying this because it would be too difficult to land a well-placed kick into a small, hidden reset button hole? Who are we to assess your kicking skills? The real reason is that Fire TV doesn’t have a physical reset button. There are only two ways to reset it: through the System menu and through the remote control key combination.

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If you want to jump right to the reset option, you can do that by holding the rear button and also the Right button on your fireplace TV remote for ten seconds till the reset screen seems.

You can additionally take a longer route, through the System menu, by navigating the sidebar menu until you reach “Settings”.

Scroll there until you see the “System” menu.

Scroll down through the slide menu until you see “Reset to industrial plant Defaults” and select.

When prompted, enter your PIN code (if you’ve got set a parent / security PIN on your device).

Note concerning security PIN – if you reset your Fire TV because it won’t connect to your Wi-Fi, you’re a little tied up here. You cannot reset your Amazon Fire TV / TV Stick protected by a PIN unless the device can call home and confirm that your PIN is correct. This is a silly situation that requires you to connect your Fire TV to another network (or use a network cable to connect it directly to your router).

Select “Reset”.

Your Amazon Fire TV will restart, you will restart all routine settings again as if the device just came out of the box, and problems that encourage you to reset your device forever.

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